Affordable MacBook Screen Repair Solutions

Affordable MacBook Screen Repair Solutions

MacBooks are widely acclaimed for their elegant design and superior displays. However, screen damage can occur unexpectedly, necessitating repairs. This article delves into the various costs associated with MacBook screen repairs, considering both scenarios with and without AppleCare. Additionally, we’ll examine factors affecting these costs and offer alternatives to official Apple Store repairs.

Repairing a MacBook Screen with AppleCare

For MacBook owners with AppleCare, screen repair becomes a more manageable expense. Here’s a breakdown of the costs and coverage:

  • Cost with AppleCare: Typically, AppleCare allows screen repairs for about $99, offering a cost-effective solution to restore your MacBook’s screen.
  • Coverage Details: AppleCare covers two incidents of accidental damage with a deductible for screen damage, valid for three years from the MacBook’s purchase date.
  • Consideration for Additional Damages: While AppleCare covers screen repairs, be aware that other types of damage, like liquid spills or component damage, might incur additional costs.

MacBook Screen Repair without AppleCare

Without AppleCare, the cost of repairing a MacBook screen can be significantly higher. Here are the factors that come into play:

  • Pricing Variations: Apple categorizes screen repairs into different pricing tiers. Minor damage like a single crack costs less compared to a complete screen replacement, with prices ranging from $199 to over $799.
  • Costs for Other Damages: Additional damages, such as liquid spills or internal issues, will increase the overall repair cost.
  • Model-Specific Pricing: The specific MacBook model affects repair costs, with newer models, particularly those with Retina displays, tending to be more expensive.

Factors Influencing Repair Costs

The cost of MacBook screen repairs is influenced by various factors:

  • Damage Type: The nature and severity of the screen damage are key determinants of the repair cost.
  • Additional Damage Charges: Repairs involving more than just the screen, like liquid damage, will add to the cost.
  • Model Impact: Different MacBook models have varying repair costs, especially newer models with advanced displays.
  • Warranty Status: If your MacBook is under warranty, some repairs might be covered, potentially reducing costs.
  • Third-Party Repair Services: Sometimes, third-party repair services can be a more affordable alternative to Apple Store repairs. It’s crucial to choose a reputable service that uses genuine parts.

Alternatives to Apple Store Repairs

Apart from Apple Store repairs, there are other options to consider:

MrFix: Cheap macbook screen repair. They specialize in providing cost-effective repair services, including screen replacements for various MacBook models.

Gophermods: Known for its expertise in MacBook screen repairs, Gophermods offers competitive pricing and uses genuine parts.

Local Repair Shops: You might find local repair shops that provide MacBook screen repairs at lower prices. It’s important to research their reputation and customer reviews.

DIY Kits: For the tech-savvy, DIY repair kits are an option, though they require technical skill and come with the risk of further damage if not done correctly.


Repairing a MacBook screen can be a costly affair, especially without AppleCare. The repair costs are influenced by various factors, including the type of damage, the MacBook model, and the presence of additional damages. While Apple Store repairs are a popular choice, exploring third-party repair services like Gophermods or local shops can offer more budget-friendly solutions. For those with the necessary skills, DIY repair kits present another alternative. Ultimately, choosing the right repair option depends on the specific circumstances and needs of the MacBook owner.


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