Top 5 Free ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome: Improve Your Chatting

ChatGPT, a language model utilizing deep learning, produces responses resembling human language when provided with prompts. It has gained popularity among individuals seeking to automate various tasks, including email composition, text generation, and question answering. Encouragingly, Chrome offers numerous extensions for ChatGPT, enabling users to maximize the benefits of this advanced technology.

Discover the ultimate selection of five exceptional ChatGPT extensions for Chrome in this article. These innovative extensions have been meticulously crafted to boost productivity and streamline daily tasks. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or genuinely seeking time-saving solutions, these valuable gear are right here to assist you. Immerse your self in a complete exploration of every extension’s functions, blessings, and boundaries, empowering you to make an knowledgeable desire. Without further delay, let’s dive right in and unveil the top-tier ChatGPT extensions for Chrome.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, a great creation by OpenAI, uses the power of artificial intelligence to make very human-like responses when given text-based inputs. This advanced language model is based on the famous GPT-3, known for its ability to make smooth and clear natural language replies. With a lot of training on a huge amount of text data, ChatGPT becomes a flexible entity, offering many applications.

ChatGPT can do many things, like answering questions, making text, and giving suggestions. It can be used for many purposes. From chatbots to virtual assistants and customer service tools, it can do it all. The charm of ChatGPT is that it can make responses that are so good that you can’t tell if they are from a human or a machine. This amazing feature has led to many ChatGPT-based tools and extensions, improving popular applications like Chrome.

A good example in this area is ChatGPT for Chrome, an extension that makes search engines better with the great abilities of ChatGPT. It does this by showing ChatGPT-made responses next to normal search engine results. This smart combination gives you the ease of getting answers to your questions without having to leave the search page.

Being a big change in how humans and computers talk, ChatGPT is a strong tool. Its skill in making complex and real natural language responses starts a new time in computing and internet use. With its many uses, ChatGPT becomes a very useful thing, ready to change the way we talk with technology.

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Top 5 Free ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome

Powerful AI chatbot ChatGPT can help users with a variety of tasks. While the basic ChatGPT website is a fantastic way to utilize the chatbot, there are a number of extensions that can improve the ChatGPT experience and make it simpler to use with other websites that are available on the Chrome web store. The top 5 free ChatGPT addons for Chrome are listed below:

1. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google ChatGPT Extension for Chrome

With the help of the ChatGPT for Google Chrome plugin, users may leverage their Google Chat chats to access OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model. By offering suggestions that are contextually appropriate, this plugin aids users in responding and enhances their writing abilities.

The ChatGPT for Google extension has a number of important functions, including:

  • Simple and quick installation: Installing the ChatGPT for Google extension from the Chrome Web Store is simple.
  • Real-time suggestions: This extension offers real-time suggestions based on the discussions being held in Google Chat, enabling users to swiftly compose contextually pertinent responses.
  • English, French, Spanish, German, and other languages are among the many that ChatGPT for Google supports.
  • Options for customization: Users have the option to change the extension’s default options to change the level of recommendation and the frequency of prompts.
  • Automatic summarization: By automatically condensing lengthy messages or chats, the ChatGPT for Google extension enables users to easily comprehend the key themes being discussed.

The ChatGPT for Google extension is a helpful tool for people who want to write better and respond to messages in Google Chat more quickly and efficiently. It employs the GPT language model from OpenAI to offer users in-the-moment suggestions that can improve the way they communicate their thoughts.

2. HARPA AI | ChatGPT Chrome Automation Copilot

HARPA AI | ChatGPT Chrome Automation Copilot

Harpa AI is a platform for herbal language processing (NLP) that analyzes and comprehends human language the use of cutting-edge gadget gaining knowledge of techniques. Building chatbots, voice assistants, and other conversational interfaces which can understand and react to person input naturally can be executed the usage of this platform.

Some of the key features of the Harpa AI platform include:

Harpa AI is simple to include into current chatbot platforms, voice assistants, and other conversational interfaces.

  • Support for numerous languages: Support for numerous languages: This platform offers help for a number of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.
  • Settings that can be changed: Users can change the platform’s settings to change the prompting frequency and understanding threshold.
  • Advanced NLP algorithms: To deliver precise and pertinent responses to user input, Harpa AI leverages advanced NLP algorithms, such as sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and intent categorization.
  • Manage chatbots and other conversational interfaces with ease: The Harpa AI platform has an intuitive dashboard that customers can use to manipulate their chatbots and other conversational interfaces.

Harpa AI is an effective tool for developing conversational interfaces which can realize person input and react to it evidently. It is a versatile and adaptable platform that can be used in a number of programs, from voice assistants for smart domestic devices to chatbots for customer service, thanks to its modern NLP algorithms and customisable settings.

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3. Magical: ChatGPT AI Assistant

Magical: ChatGPT AI Assistant

Using OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model, the Magical ChatGPT AI Writer is a Chrome extension that enables users to create text for a range of applications, including creative writing, corporate communication, and more.

Some of the key features of the Magical ChatGPT AI Writer extension include:

  • Simple and quick installation: Installing the Magical ChatGPT AI Writer plugin from the Chrome Web Store is simple.
  • This addon offers users a variety of writing options, such as business writing, creative writing, and more.
  • Options for customization: Users have the option to change the extension’s default options to change the level of recommendation and the frequency of prompts.
  • Contextual recommendations: Because the Magical ChatGPT AI Writer bases its recommendations on the context of the text being written, it is more likely that they will be pertinent and useful.
  • Multiple languages are supported by the Magical ChatGPT AI Writer, including English, French, Spanish, German, and others.

For individuals who desire to write better and produce text more quickly and efficiently, the Magical ChatGPT AI Writer plugin is a helpful resource. It employs the GPT language model from OpenAI to offer users contextual suggestions that can improve the way they communicate their ideas in a range of writing settings.

4. Merlin – OpenAI GPT-powered assistant

Merlin ChatGPT Assistant for all Websites

OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model powers the Merlin Chrome plugin. Its primary function is to offer users completion ideas for sentences or paragraphs based on the material they’ve already written.

When you operate Merlin, it examines the content material you’ve typed right into a text box or text area and then suggests opportunity methods to complete the sentence or paragraph. You can convey your views greater succinctly and correctly by using the usage of the recommended words or phrases which are appropriate for the state of affairs.

Some of the key features of Merlin consist of:

  1. Simple and quick installation: The Chrome Web Store makes it simple to install Merlin, a Chrome plugin.
  2. Merlin analyzes your language and generates predictive ideas for how you may finish a sentence or paragraph using OpenAI’s GPT model.
  3. Merlin makes contextual suggestions, which are more likely to be pertinent and useful because they are based on the context of the content you’ve written.
  4. Merlin supports a number of tongues, including English, French, Spanish, German, and others.
  5. Adjustable settings: Merlin’s settings allow you to change the amount of suggestion and the frequency of suggestions.

Merlin is an effective tool that can assist you in writing better by suggesting contextually appropriate ways to end sentences or paragraphs.

5. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube & Article Summary powered by ChatGPT

A Chrome plugin called YouTube Article Summary & Pinner assists users in summarizing and saving content they find on YouTube. By using this addon, users can read an article summary while still watching a YouTube video.

Some of the key features of the YouTube Article Summary & Pinner extension include:

  1. Simple and quick installation: Installing the YouTube Article Summary & Pinner addon from the Chrome Web Store is simple.
  2. Summary of articles: By summarizing the articles that are linked in YouTube video descriptions, this addon enables users to rapidly browse through critical information without pausing the video they are now watching.
  3. Pinning articles to the extension’s dashboard allows users to save them for later reading.
  4. Adjustable settings: Users can change the extension’s settings to change the dashboard’s design and level of summary.
  5. Multiple languages: The English, French, Spanish, German, and other languages are supported with the YouTube Article Summary & Pinner extension.

A helpful tool that enables users to rapidly obtain vital information without leaving the YouTube video they are watching is the YouTube Article Summary & Pinner addon. It is very beneficial for folks that desire to keep articles so they do not must be searched for again to examine later.

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How to Install ChatGPT Extensions on Chrome

Installing ChatGPT extensions on Google Chrome is a quick and smooth manner. Here are the stairs to follow:

  1. On your pc, use the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Enter “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar to get admission to the Chrome Web Store, or click the three dots within the pinnacle-right corner of the browser to access “More tools” after which “Extensions.”
  3. Type “ChatGPT” into the search box and press Enter.
  4. Choose the extension you want to install from the listing of to be had extensions.
  5. The “Add to Chrome” button is next to the extension; click it.
  6. You will see a pop-up window asking you to approve the installation. To hold, click on “Add Extension”.
  7. Await the download and installation of the extension. There shouldn’t be much time required.
  8. As soon as the extension is set up, your browser’s top right corner will display an icon for it. To start the extension, click the icon.
  9. To configure and utilize the extension, adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Before putting in the extension, ensure it is safe and dependable via cautiously reading the outline and person reviews.

Additionally, you can always touch the developer for assist in case you run into any issues when putting in or the usage of the extension. Don’t be afraid to seek for help in case you need it; the bulk of extension builders offer guide via their internet site or email.


Users can improve their ChatGPT experience by utilizing one of the many extremely effective ChatGPT addons for Chrome. These add-ons can facilitate the usage of ChatGPT with other websites, provide email responses, and deliver prompt responses to inquiries from the most relevant search results.

LINER AI, Wiseone, and ChatGPT Writer are some of the top free ChatGPT Chrome plugins. These add-ons can be added to the Google Chrome web browser and used to make reading a range of content easier without significantly altering the flow of the text. Users can utilize ChatGPT as a free assistance thanks to the availability of ChatGPT integration for Chrome.

A variety of features are available in the greatest ChatGPT extensions for Chrome that can help users get the most out of ChatGPT. For instance, Wiseone is a reading assistant powered by AI that seamlessly inserts into the browser window and can recognize any type of text. The best search results are quickly answered by LINER AI using ChatGPT, along with references.

Overall, the top Chrome AI chatbot extensions can help users become more productive and save time. These open-source ChatGPT helper extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome web store and installed in a matter of seconds. There is a ChatGPT extension that can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you want to produce email responses or get quick answers to questions.


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