Top 10 Best Drawing Apps For Android in 2022

Some people think that nothing can replace the sensation of painting with a brush on canvas, but we also live in an era where digital art has become increasingly popular. Digital art posters are on the rise, and more people want them these days due to their popularity. They’re also useful for relaying information visually, which is helpful especially if you’re not good with words. There are a lot of different drawing apps for Android that can help you sketch your ideas and boost your creativity.

These apps are optimized for widescreen Android devices that support both touch input and stylus. If you have one, then these apps can provide you with more capabilities than other drawing apps available in the market. Check out this list of the best Android drawing apps for professionals or aspiring artists. You can decide which one gives you the best experience.

10 Best Drawing Apps For Android Devices

This list has a variety of different apps available, so there’s bound to be something for you. There are plenty of great drawing apps for Android to choose from. Consider the features you need most and find an app that will work best with your needs. These apps are best used on a tablet that has a stylus. In case you don’t have one of these, you can find one online at a low price. Check out our other recommendations to see the ones we really liked.

  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw
  2. SketchBook by Autodesk
  3. ibis Paint X
  4. ibis Paint X
  5. MediBang Paint
  6. ArtFlow – Android Drawing App
  7. Infinite Painter
  8. Concepts – Android Drawing App
  9. Picsart Color
  10. Sketch Master

1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw Android App Interface

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a drawing app for the Android phone from the company Adobe. It has won awards and has been extensively used for drawing. It provides a number of drawing features and tools that are essential for designers. You can customize your brushes, use different pen tips, make multiple drawings and use undo/redo buttons & more.

You can show your work to other people via social networks or other methods. You can start by importing designs from Adobe Capture CC or exporting designs from Adobe Draw CC to Illustrator CC on the desktop.
Unlike most drawing apps, it has no ads and is completely free to download. This makes it a worthy contender for the best app of its kind. You can also get a Cloud subscription, with added features.

Price: Free / Up to $53.99 per month

2. SketchBook by Autodesk

SketchBook Android Drawing App Interface

The Sketchbook app has won awards for being a top-rated drawing app on both the iOS and Android platforms. It is suitable for both professional artists and beginners in the world of drawing. Sketchable comes with 10 customizable brushes, 6 blending modes, and up to three layers.

You also have the option to open and export PSD files while keeping layers and blending modes. You have an option to undo infinitely. The free version of this software is ad-supported, but all the necessary features are included.

SketchBook also has a premium version if you want to access more features. You can purchase it as an in-app purchase and have access to over 160 customizable brushes & dozens of other useful features. Moreover, the upgraded version has a professional-level digital sketching tool perfect for mature artists.

Price: Free

3. ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X Android Drawing App Interface

IbisPaint is packed with features that are designed to make your creative process an enjoyable experience. DrawPlus gives you the ability to record yourself while drawing and publish the making-of process. One of its distinctive features is that it allows you to:

Besides, this app features 142 brushes of varying styles, such as dip pens, felt-tip pens, digital pens, and airbrushes. You also get to decide things like the brush size, layer functions & select areas you want to work on.

The free version of this app is available in the Play Store. The paid version is an in-app purchase.

Price: Free / $4.99

Price: Free / $4.99

4. PaperColor (Formerly PaperDraw)

ibis Paint X Android Drawing App Interface

PaperColor is meant to be as realistic as possible to give you the full drawing experience. It comes with must-have features like different brush types, rulers, erasers, etc.

You can import a picture as the map background, make it transparent to see your map better or keep it static. You can alternatively trace the original image with a pen or pencil and then draw above it. A base map can help you to figure out how to draw straight lines quicker.

They also have many extra features, such as adding text, customizing covers, and using graphics tools. The app allows for a great variety of painting styles. It has the functionality to reach the level of artwork.

The app is free and has no ads. It also has in-app purchases if you want to expand your options.

Price: Free / $4.99

5. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint Android Drawing App Interface

MadiBang Paint is a digital painting and comic creation app that’s been designed for comic book artists. Includes excellent tools, effects, brush customization options and exporting options for all formats. The software is available with the support of mobile, Mac, and Windows.

A decent option for comic-style drawings is Inkify. It comes with over 100 free brushes, textures, backgrounds, and comic-creation tools. With access to cloud storage, you are able to efficiently manage, back up, and share your work. The app has many features that are available for free, but there are also some optional in-app purchases. The app is free to download but is monetized with advertisements.

Price: Free

6. ArtFlow

ArtFlow Android Drawing App Interface

ArtFlow is an Android painting app designed for both kids and adults to use. ArtFlow comes with more than 70 different brushes and tools, as well as many other features like the ability to undo and redo changes. Sketch Club has upped its game with this latest drawing app, allowing you to work on up to 16 different layers with 11 different blending modes for more accurate creations.

This app allows you to import any of your photos from the built-in gallery or camera and it will allow you to export your drawings as PSD, PNG, or JPEG files. The interface of this app is very easy to use and understand. This app lets you save and export your sketches and stay in touch with clients through a collaboration mode. Sketch it out with the Android Sketch app!

Price: Free / $2.99-$4.99

7. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter Android Drawing App Interface

Infinite Painter is not as well-known as the others on this list, but it is no less powerful. It features over 160+ brushes, unlimited layer support, paper textures, various transformation tools, perspective aids – including a transform tool to distort the whole view of your document. This new edition also includes a blend mode that allows you to combine colors by layering one on top of another and changing their properties as you go.

Using custom brushes, users can make the colors they want. You can save your work in multiple formats. The app supports both PSD, PNG, and JPG formats. With an Infinite canvas, Photoshop’s tools for blending and masking images work the way they should, and since your image isn’t confined to a finite space it can be as big or as small you want.

Price: Free / $1.99 – $9.99

8. Concepts

Concepts Android Drawing App Interface

Concepts may be a very helpful vector-based drawing app if you’re interested in the genre. It mainly targets an advanced user by providing a variety of tools. The free version of this app comes with five-layer support, an infinite canvas, and vector brush tools. It also supports a number of Bluetooth active styli from Apple, Adonit, Fifty-Three, and more.

The app has a pro version which unlocks more advanced features and tools. As well as CAD-style tools, importing & exporting options, transformations, and access to an object library. The app also lets you customize all the options, from what type of canvas to use, to the tools and preset styles.

Price: Free / $1.99 – $29.99

9. Picsart Color

Concepts Android Drawing App Interface

Picsart is one of the most popular drawing apps on Google’s Play Store with over 50 million downloads and counting. You can create awesome drawings & fun photo edits with this app, no matter your level of expertise!

Some other features include multiple drawing tools, paper, and lettering stickers to help your images come to life. Picsart provides features like layers, zoom for detail work, and cross-device sync so sketches can be produced from anywhere. This Android drawing app includes many options. You can erase drawings, use measurement tools, choose backgrounds, make edits and changes. Additionally, you can save your images or export them to other devices like PCs.

Picsart is a free app that contains ads and in-app purchases.

Price: Free / $3.99 – $19.99

10. Sketch Master

Sketch Master is a lightweight, easy-to-use drawing app for Android. It’s designed to be simple and useful for everyone. Draw with ease with Sketchbook’s user-friendly touch.

You can get access to seven different brushes, three different levels of zoom, and up to 3000% zoom. You can also save pictures taken with your phone or imported from the photo library onto social media. The app displays all features of the free version without needing any in-app purchases. Sketch Master is free to download but comes with ads.

Price: Free


If you’re looking for drawing apps, there are a lot of great options out there that might suit your needs better than those on this list. Adobe has a variety of drawing apps, such as Adobe Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, and Fresco.

It might be better to avoid ad-supported apps and look for free alternatives instead. Even if the app only is able to provide a limited level of access to its advanced features, most users can still make do without them.


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