Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV With a 98-inch 4K 120Hz Display

We’re starting to see more televisions with 4K resolution, which doubles the pixel count of HD displays. Most 4K TVs, however, are 49-inches or smaller. Samsung’s new QN100B Neo 4K television stands out with its massive 98-inch 4K display. If you’ve always wanted a 4K television but thought the size was too impractical, Samsung may have solved your problem.

Samsung QN100B Neo QLED TV Specifications

Samsung’s QN100B Neo QLED TV offers everything you could ask for in a high-end 4K TV; it’s super bright, has a great sound system, and sports a sharp 98-inch screen. But is it worth the extra spend? Yes, absolutely. For starters, this TV has 4k resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, which is rare in 4K TVs (most only have 60Hz). Samsung’s QN100B Neo QLED TV is also the thinnest QLED TV we’ve measured, at 20mm thick.

Samsung QN100B

The Samsung QN100B is a 98-inch QLED TV that is perfect for anyone looking for the largest Samsung QLED TV that Samsung offers. The QN100B features a QLED 4K 120Hz display, so you can be sure you’re getting the best picture quality possible. The Samsung QN100B is perfect for anyone who wants the best picture quality possible. With 4K resolution and a 3840 x 2160 native resolution, the QN100B is tack sharp! Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with the Samsung QN100B!

Launch Date

The Samsung QN100B is already launched in South Korea for KRW 45,000,000 ($31,725). Samsung has not released details about global availability yet. However, there are no details regarding pricing or a release date in the US listing. The model has been listed on the Samsung US website.

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