Preparing Your Car for Shipping to or from Brooklyn

Brooklyn, one of the districts in New York City is the most populous of the five boroughs in the city. It has a lot of auto transport companies all thanks to the numerous main roads and highways throughout the city. This elaborate road network makes it quite easy for auto trailers to access different parts of the metropolis. 

In addition to its road network, Brooklyn has a very busy port that connects the city to neighbouring cities. This is an added advantage that enables Brooklyn car shipping service providers to operate both locally and internationally.  Due to these factors also, many auto transporters have offices and agents in the city which gives customers enough options to choose from. It also provides convenience for terminal to terminal delivery option.   

In this article, we will share tips that will help people who want to ship their vehicles to or from Brooklyn to prepare their car for shipping. 

Tips for Preparing your Car for Auto Transport

While it is true that reputable auto transporters will always do all that’s necessary to ensure that you experience a hassle free drop off and delivery of your vehicle, there are some things that you as the owner should do to prepare your automobile for shipment. 

Find below things that need to be done prior to handing over your vehicle to the shipper:-

Ensure that the Vehicle is Properly Cleaned 

It is important that you get your vehicle properly cleaned inside and out. A rep of the auto transport company has to ascertain the true condition of the vehicle and a clean car will make this easier to do. If there are any existing damages to the automobile, it will show up better if it is clean and same thing applies if there are no damages on the vehicle. 

Document the State of the Vehicle

Following from the above point, after you have washed the vehicle, document the state of the car even before the rep of the shipping company arrives.  Although most shippers take pictures of the vehicles they have to move before haulage, it is also necessary for you to have your own pictures. 

Pictures they say are worth more than a thousand words; so having pictorial evidence of the state of your automobile before haulage can save you a lot of stress should any damage occur in transit. In fact it is even recommended to take a video of every angle of your vehicle before it is moved for shipping. 

While you are at it, you might want to photograph your odometer to ensure that the driver did not take it for a joy ride before delivering it to you. This tip is for those who booked door to door delivery. Visit for tips on how to read an odometer. 

Remove Every Moveable Object and Vehicle Accessories

Due to the fact that carrier trailers are big vehicles; they tend to bounce up and down on the road. This means that any loose /moveable item in the vehicles they are hauling will surely bounce around. Therefore, it is important that you remove every moveable or loose item from the automobile.

Items such a GPS devices, car chargers, air fresheners, DVD players and the likes are sure to cause damage to the interior of the automobile if left in the car. Additionally, removing those means they will not be stolen or lost in transit. 

Furthermore, you should remove every car accessory such as custom spoilers, children’s car seat, luggage, ski or bike racks. If the antenna of the car can be removed, please do. Place all these items in the trunk of the vehicle. Finally, fold the side mirrors if they are foldable. 

Carry out General Maintenance on the Car 

This helps you to ensure that everything in the car is in good working condition. Check the tires and ensure they are well inflated, put anti-freeze in the radiator, charge the battery fully and ensure that there are no fluid leaks.  All these checks will help both you and the shipper to have a stress free transaction and also your car will not have issues at or after pick up. 

Read this article for tips on DIY vehicle maintenance.

Empty the Gas Tank 

Remember to empty the gas tank, leaving only about 1/8th tank of fuel so that the car will be able to be driven on and off the carrier. This is because a full tank will add to the weight of the automobile which will impact on the overall haulage weight. 

Disable Alarms

Ensure that your car alarms are turned off so that the driver will not have to deal will alarms going off while he is in transit. 


There are some other things that you may need to do in preparation for shipping your vehicle. Make sure you consult with the shipper and ask them what they expect you to do before handing over the car to them for shipping. After you have prepared your vehicle, lock it up and hand the key over to the shipper. 

Rest assured that if you have chosen the right auto transporter, all you need to do is sit back and await the delivery of your vehicle. 


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