Plating Voids and How To Avoid Them

In electronics, “plating” coats a select base material with a thin layer of metal. Substrates that underwent the plating process will gain increased resistance against corrosion and better electrical conductivity. On top of that, a more aesthetic appearance may be another benefit.

However, issues may arise during plating, and one of these scenarios is the formation of voids. These are small, uncoated areas that sabotage the quality and functionality of the finished product.

Causes of Plating Voids

Voids occur for a variety of reasons. They are particularly problematic in the electronics industry, as they can lead to failures in electrical circuits by interrupting conductivity or allowing corrosion to start at the exposed spots.

Surface Contamination

Oils, oxides, and dust may contaminate the substrate’s surface. This can prevent the plating material from adhering properly. Thus, leading to plating voids. Contamination may also take place from improper handling, and inadequate cleaning.

Manufacturers like Fulltronics Corporation Limited show a good example of a controlled production area, as it also considers possible environmental factors that may cause plating voids.

Improper Pre-Treatment

Prior to plating, substrates typically undergo various pre-treatment processes. Some of these methods involve cleaning, etching, and rinsing. If the substrate received inadequate or incorrect pre-treatment, it can leave residues or create surface conditions unsuitable for effective plating.

Electroplating Parameters

Electroplating is a process where current density, voltage, and plating bath composition are carefully controlled. Inconsistencies and deviations in these parameters may lead to uneven deposits, ultimately resulting in voids.

Plating Solution Composition

The chemical composition of the plating solution needs to be precisely managed. Imbalances in metal ions or a lack of appropriate additives can cause poor adhesion and coverage of the plating material.

Mechanical Issues

Problems with the equipment, such as inconsistent agitation or temperature of the plating bath, can affect the deposition process and lead to void formation.

Strategies to Avoid Plating Voids

Rigorous Cleaning Protocols

It is crucial to ensure that the substrate is free of all contaminants. Implementing a multi-stage cleaning process—typically involving degreasing, rinsing, and possibly ultrasonic cleaning—can significantly reduce the risk of voids.

Optimizing Pre-Treatment Processes

Each substrate material may require a different pre-treatment method. For example, metals might need an acid etch to remove oxides, while plastics could require a surface activation step. Tailoring the pre-treatment to the specific material and ensuring it is performed correctly are key.

Control of Plating Conditions

Maintain strict control over the electroplating parameters, including the electrical settings and bath conditions. Use real-time monitoring and automation technology to adjust these parameters as needed to maintain optimal conditions throughout the plating process.

Regular Solution Maintenance

The plating solution must undergo regular testing and adjustments. Stringent protocols ensure that the combination maintains a healthy chemical balance. It includes replenishing metal salts, managing pH levels, and adding wetting agents or brighteners as needed.

Use of High-Quality Materials and Equipment

Alocating a higher budget for materials and equipment leads to top-notch outputs. High-quality plating solutions and modern plating equipment offer better control over the process variables. Choosing a premium EMS manufacturing company as a partner also lessens plating void issues.

Employee Training

Since human error can contribute to plating voids, thorough training for all operators involved in the plating process is essential. Regular training sessions can help staff understand the importance of each step of the process and how to execute them properly.


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