Nearshoring: Affordable Outsourcing for .NET Development Without the Headache

.NET Development

. NET is a comprehensive term. It helps developers create online software, applications, and interfaces as a Microsoft framework. .NET developer are also in demand due to their flexibility. Today, .NET developers build software that can work natively on almost any operating system. This is why it’s used so much more than older counterparts like java.

Yet, for companies looking to outsource development, the cost of doing .NET development business with developers too close to home can prove far too expensive. Taking it too far results in major communication meltdowns and a slowdown in overall development. This is why many US companies have embraced nearshore software development.


Nearshore development or nearshoring is a trending business tactic that helps businesses find first-rate .net developers in countries very close to the US to build out and complete their development needs. It keeps costs down and keeps communication issues to a minimum.

Nearshore .NET developer are similar to the dream mother-in-law. They are far enough away not to cost too much, but not so far that you can’t easily communicate and help when needed.

So how do companies go about nearshoring their development needs today?

The Fall of the Indian Developer

Many US businesses, until recently, outsourced their IT services to large enterprise IT development firms that set up operations in India. With rising inflation and higher attrition rates, developer costs in India have recently skyrocketed, forcing American companies to rethink the way they outsource talent.

Couple rising costs with the need for constant supervision of outsourced developers on the other side of the world. This was when US businesses were forced to begin looking for .NET development talent closer to home. This is why nearshoring has grown in popularity. Since American development costs have been minimal, companies have looked just across the border for talent. Luckily, this has also proven useful when it comes to overseeing developers.

Alleviating Communication Barriers

Nearshoring keeps costs down and eases communication barriers between American companies and their development partners for many reasons.

First, these .net developers closer to home are in similar time zones. This eases the time companies need to be available on any given day to be available to counsel their partners.

Communication lines also seem easier to maintain as many of these outsourced nearshore developers speak English or at least more English than Indian companies previously hired. This ease of communication allows for a steadier and more dynamic workflow. This quickens the pace of projects and provides more stability, lengthening the time that partnerships between US companies and nearshore developers can last.

Nearshoring is the Future

Not only are nearshore developers found and hired by American companies, but nearshoring companies are popping up explicitly designed for American companies to utilize. These companies are designed to find, vet, and hire developers for these US projects. This trend continues to gain popularity. As worthwhile as it continues to be for US businesses, this fashion is anticipated to keep growing swiftly within the near future. Instead, it becomes a pass-to approach for most US corporations as the years pass.


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