Meta Revealed Its Haptic Glove That Lets You Feel Objects in VR

For a while now, Meta has been developing a project that is going to help bring the world of the ‘Metaverse’ into reality. Meta revealed its Haptic Glove that lets you feel objects in VR. The company has been working on VR and AR projects for many years and has spent millions of dollars researching. Recent developments from Meta’s Reality Labs show that they have been working on a prototype haptic glove for the past seven years. The company has been developing the technology for years and has now finally revealed the device.

What Does Haptic Glove Do?

This amazing invention is absolutely the next step to the future. This glove could be used as a controller in VR and AR that will help you to feel the inanimate objects from the digital world. It’ll make you feel like those characters/objects are real. The gloves’ inflatable pads allow you to do things like wrinkle your fingers and produce a firm grip.

prototype of Haptic Glove by meta

How Haptic Glove Works?

It tracks the user’s hand movements via HD camera technology similar to the Quest 2 hand tracking. This time, it has its own dedicated camera, which will be fixed on your wrist like a watch. The trackpad also features an internal tracker that follows your finger movements even when it’s extended.

Touch-sensitive gloves trick your sense of touch. By applying pressure to different fingers, you’ll feel like your hand is more sensitive. It does this in a manner that you can feel when you touch a digital object in VR or AR. The feeling can also change depending on the object category. Visual and audio cues are there to enhance the experience.

A man is wearing Haptic Glove that feels the object in VR and AR

How Does Haptic Glove Look?

The product is still in the middle of development and there’s no telling what it will look like when it’s done. We hope that it looks like a “Power Glove” so that we can get a chance to relive some old memories. It’s great to see other companies investing in VR and haptic technology as well.

This type of device can even simulate the feeling of heat by reacting to the chemical changes. The most widely-used haptic device of the moment is the full-body haptic suit that allows you to feel sensations all over your upper body.


The product is just a prototype for now and definitely not coming soon in the market. There are many aspects of this technology that needs to be improved and implemented practically. However, this is a significant step towards the Metaverse. We do know one thing for sure, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t change the name of its company, he and his team has very big plans for the future. They are becoming a part of the technological world to innovate new things, and of course, make more money.

What are your thoughts about this amazing technology that we can only dream of in the past, but now it is possible to touch and feel digital things.


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