Impact Of Innovation On The Eyewear Industry

For any industry to stay relevant and meet the demands of the customers, it wishes to rely upon innovation. The identical applies to the eyewear enterprise and it has performed distinctly nicely here. Today, the feature of eyewear isn’t just restricted to being a geeky optical device, however they serve various different capabilities as well – thanks to the tech-savvy and innovation-orientated nature of the enterprise.

In this write-up, we will see some of the high-quality improvements within the eyewear enterprise which have fueled its boom. Read on!

5 Notable Innovations In The Eyewear Industry

1. Online Glasses

One of the biggest developments in the eyewear industry is glasses being sold online. Just like other product-based businesses, most eyewear firms too have an e-commerce segment in present times.

Recently, while shopping online for prescription sunglasses, I was amazed to find super stylish pairs. The best part of these pairs was their pocket-friendly prices as I never imagined that I would find such cheap prescription sunglasses.

People were a little hesitant to buy glasses online in the initial stages as glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories, but credits must go to the e-commerce sites selling glasses for providing an amazing user experience, and this has been made possible with the help of innovation.

Today, the scenario has completely changed as people don’t consider buying glasses online just as an alternative, but it is a preference for many. This is evident by the fact that glasses are selling like hotcakes over the internet.

Buying glasses online saves both your time and effort. All that you require is a digital screen where you can scroll through the various sites and an internet connection. By just making a few clicks from the comfort of your home, you can arrive at a perfect pair for yourself.

The other dominant reason why people love buying glasses online is the fact that they can make incredible savings over here as the prices of these pairs are super affordable. When it comes to the collection, you have a wide range to choose from, including all sorts of styles and types.

You can even try on online glasses by availing of the glasses-free home trial service before finalizing the purchase. The process involves selecting a set of frames that you wish to try and opting for a home trial to get them delivered to your doorsteps, and the best part is that this service is absolutely free of cost.

2. Designer Glasses

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Creativity is integral to innovation and when it comes to the eyewear industry, designer glasses are a fitting example of top-notch creativity. It is the premium design of these pairs that exhibits fine craftsmanship. However, it doesn’t end just with the design as there are many other reasons that make designer glasses stand apart. Here they are!

By using materials of superior quality and also state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, designer glasses stand apart with their strength and durability.

Both the types of materials used and the fit of designer pairs combine to impart exceptional comfort to them. Whether it is the temples or the nose pads, fine details are taken into consideration while ensuring that these pairs fit properly.

3. Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are one of the coolest innovations in the eyewear industry as they are scientifically very advanced. It is not only their style that is appealing but also their utility as you get the function of both glasses and sunglasses in a single pair.

The photochromic dyes that the surface of transition lenses comes coated with make them sensitive to the UV rays of the sun. The UV protection function of photochromic dyes gets activated when UV rays strike these lenses. The clear transition lenses also darken according to the intensity of light and adopt a tinted appearance as that of sunglasses.

You no longer need to carry both glasses and sunglasses if you get your frames fitted with transition lenses as they are 2-in-1 lenses. When there are no UV rays in the surroundings, transition lenses have a clear appearance and act as a normal pair of glasses. When out in sunny conditions, they automatically transform into a cool pair of sunglasses.

4. Next Day Glasses

Specscart – a Manchester-based eyewear brand in the UK – is revolutionizing the eyewear industry. One of its amazing services is free 24 hours which makes it possible for Specscart to dispatch most of the orders within 24 hours.

If you have an urgent requirement for glasses, you have the option of getting them delivered to your doorsteps the next day after you have placed the order – this is indeed super fast delivery.

5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

It is imperative that we take care of our digital well-being as dependence on digital screens has increased for most of us and it is only going to witness an upward rise in the coming days. Prevention from harm associated with blue light emitted by digital screens can be provided by blue light-blocking glasses, which is another fantastic innovation by the eyewear industry. These glasses use a protective blue light filter on their lenses to prevent conditions such as eye strain, headaches, fatigue, etc, that might result due to excessive exposure to blue light.


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