Huawei Next-Gen Foldable Phones Reported for Mass Production

You might recall that the company has started producing its Huawei next-gen foldable phones late last year and that they’re set to release them in the near future. It is expected that the cheaper models will be competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3.

A report from the Economic Times found on IT Home said that a new smartphone on Zhaoli Technology’s behalf was being mass-produced on November 25 from a foldable hinge. This hinge is cheaper to make and translates to higher profitability. The hinges were not specified in the article who they were being designed for, but industry observers speculated that hopefully, they would be for Huawei.

Huawei Next-Gen Foldable Phones

The next big thing after smartphones will surely be foldable phones. Multiple major players are investing heavily into the future of this design for obvious reasons. The success of the Galaxy Z Flip3 was definitely an encouraging sign for other brands, as it demonstrated that buyers are no longer very wary of foldable devices.

Huawei Next-Gen Foldable Phones
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

Samsung vs Huawei Foldable Smartphones

Foldable phones have been a rather clunky solution for a long time, but the latest ones offer a more elegant design that costs about twice as much as a normal smartphone. So, when the Galaxy Z Flip3 came into the picture with its affordable price tag, it managed to sell over a million units in just 40 days. Samsung, after tasting success with foldable phones, now wants to increase shipments from 7 million to 13 million by 2022. This includes 4 million Galaxy Z Fold and 9 million Galaxy Z Flip models.

On the other hand, Samsung’s main rival in the foldable space – Huawei – is currently lagging behind in the game because of restrictions from the US.


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