How To Promote Your Products On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms in terms of engagement. The platform has over 600 million monthly users worldwide who are adding to its popularity day by day. With over 1 billion posts uploaded daily, it is not easy for entrepreneurs to make their products visible to the audience.

Creating an attractive Instagram brand is only step one—building a business empire out of the platform is incredibly difficult. But the good news is that many entrepreneurs and brands use Instagram well and increase their business manifold.

Many people wonder how they can promote their products on Instagram and gain a massive number of followers quickly. Here we are going to share with you some fantastic tips on how you can promote your products on Instagram and make them grow fast.

Here’s how you can promote your products on Instagram:

1. Use specific audience-oriented hashtags:

There are several ways you can use hashtags while posting to the platform. You can use them in your caption when uploading a new post and tagging other users. Using hashtags is not just a trend these days but an essential part of Instagram marketing. Relevant hashtags can increase your reach and ensure that your posts and images get seen by many people online.

You must use specific hashtags to target your desired audience and create a considerable number of followers in no time. You must follow this secret as it is one of the practical techniques for promoting products on Instagram fast. 

For example, if you are selling beauty products, you can use the hashtag #beautyproducts or #makeupaddiction. There are some popular Instagram hashtags that many brands on Instagram use, so conduct relevant research before beginning your campaign.

2. Use Instagram advertising:

When someone views your post on the platform and clicks on the ‘like’ button or taps their screens to share your post with friends, this is called “engagement”. With the help of Instagram advertising, you can quickly increase your engagement and reach your desired audience.

Instagram advertising is relatively new to the platform, but it has gained much popularity across many businesses in a short period. This is because Instagram advertisements are easy to create as well as moderate. It is an excellent way to promote your products on Instagram.

3. Use influencers:

Influencers regularly post about their experiences with different brands on their social media profiles. There are a lot of influencers who have thousands of followers on Instagram, and this is why they can influence the purchasing decision of their followers, which increases sales.

To promote your products on Instagram, you should use influencers who have established themselves as trustworthy and reliable. You can also use them to promote your brand’s page. If they like your product, they might even post about it on their profile. Alternatively, you can enter a paid partnership with an influencer that is popular among your target audience.

4. Use the power of visual content:

This is important if you want to gain more followers and visibility on Instagram. If you just post text posts with links and hashtags, no one will follow your page or visit your profiles regularly. You need to create great-quality images and videos that will move people and make them curious to learn more about your brand.

Also, when you create captivating visuals, you get the ability to stand out from the crowd. Ensure your images or videos are original and don’t look like everyone else’s. You can use an Insta video editor to create quality videos and make them stand out from the rest. 

5. Post at Peak timings:

When your post goes live, it needs to be seen by many people. You need to choose a time when there is a high percentage of users on the platform. This will ensure that your post gets seen by many followers at that time. So, if you post your images or videos during peak hours, you will get more engagement on your posts than when you post at other times of the day. To get the best results while promoting your products on Instagram, make sure you post during peak hours when the audience is online and active.

Considering the user’s location and behaviors, you can determine the best times to post on Instagram and achieve maximum results. You must also check out the Instagram Analytics tool, which can help you identify when your audience is online, where they are located and what they do online based on their previous activities. With this information, you can use hashtags appropriately and get people to talk about your brand online.

6. Engage with your followers:

The power of Instagram is the variety of people it brings together. You can easily reach out to potential customers, and you can start a conversation with your existing followers as well. When you engage with them and make them feel special, they will be interested in knowing more about your brand.

There are many ways you can engage with your followers on Instagram. For example, you can interact with them when they comment on your posts or even tag you. You must respond to their comments and build a productive relationship like this. You can also thank them for following your page or leaving comments on your photos, especially if they are sharing their thoughts about specific products that you are selling.

7. Set a consistent posting schedule:

When you post something on Instagram, it will be seen by many people. You must post something regularly on your page so that people get to know about your brand and connect with it.

For example, if you post beautiful images of your products every day, people will expect to see your brand is up to regularly. This will help them learn more about your brand and make them visit your page regularly.

You need to set a consistent posting schedule to promote your products on Instagram fast and take things to the next level. 

8. Build a shoppable Instagram feed:

While Instagram is a place where people go to have fun and de-stress, you need to turn it into a place where people can also shop. With the help of the right kind of content and visuals, you can satisfy your customers’ shopping needs on this platform.

It will make more sense if you know how your customers use the platform. They want to see beautiful pictures and learn more about products, but they also want to make purchases from different online stores. This is why building a shoppable Instagram feed will help people buy things they see on your page easily and quickly.


As you can see, there are many ways in which you can promote your products on Instagram and increase their visibility. You can also use all these methods to increase your brand awareness and build a bigger audience for your business. You just need to be creative in whatever you are doing, and soon, you will have a massive organic following.


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