How to Make Smart Money by Digital Marketing

No one can deny that handling online marketing is a complex job. However, digital marketing has great significance in today’s world. You can see many successful and professional ways of handling digital marketing programs. Campaigns can help you to bring your business to a new level. In this article, we are going to discuss a few revenue intelligence tips for the successful running of online marketing. The tips and tricks if followed religiously can give you a good dividend for your investment.

Be aware if you are doing Affiliate Marketing.  The first and foremost thing is to drive crowds to your landing page. This you can make possible by driving clicks to the website through sign-ups traffic. 

That is the reason you should be very careful about the email which is to be sent to your customers. It should be attractive, informative, and should be quite simple at the same time. It should have links to capitalize as well. In short, it should be sweet and simple that the user believes compelled to click. The valid paragraph of text with at least one link per paragraph should tell the user to ‘make an order now’ or ‘click here.’

The things which you should avoid while making your critical email are:

1. Not to include Images in your important messages. The reason for this is most of the recipients do not go through the images. Further, the space required for the images is nothing but sheer wastage. The mail may not open in a mobile application. Sometimes it requires more time to run also. So it is suggestible to give more emphasis on well-coded HTML tags than to upload image-heavy designs and images. 

2. Not to create a burden on the user: There should be enough room for the user to leave your mailing list. Else the user feels frustrated through not getting the way to remove their email from your list and start to flag your email as spam without going through the information. Ultimately your email would be found in the junk folder instead of the inbox. 

3. Most visitors do not like seeing e-commerce sites at the top of search engines due to two reasons. Firstly, these sites are busy promoting and selling their products, and secondly, these sites are image-based with little or no supporting text-based content. Even though the visual aesthetics can appeal to users, exclusive of real quality content visitors won’t stay long and can browse around your site.

Consider the facts to ensure that your email should get into the inbox of the recipients from the very first day of your email marketing effort. Ensure that the template you use should not be more than 600 pixels wide with the first link at 100 pixels in height. Usually, you won’t get unlimited space in the inbox area to make your email design.

The content of the email should be concise. It should be well stuffed with the required keywords. At the same time, it should be informative and eye-catching enough to grab the attention of the recipients.


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