EasyOS 3.1 Released: Here’s What’s New

EasyOS 3.1: Meeting Linux users who need lightweight operating systems, there are popular distributions out there. EasyOS is one of them, which is based on Puppy Linux. The previous version V3.0 was released with many structural changes. The next version 3.1 is also available, and it brings numerous updates over the past version. Here’s everything that’s new in EasyOS 3.1.

Download EasyOS 3.1

Tod download EasyOS 3.1 visit this link.

EasyOS 3.1: What’s New?

There is one major change in the folder hierarchy. The /clients directory is now /home, and /home has been changed to /files. Apps can now be run without root privileges as their users and group.

Thanks to changes in the directory hierarchy, the OS now has enhanced video calibration capabilities and hardware diagnostics. New RDP, VNC, and SSH servers and clients are also available via the App Store.

Developer BarryK has stated that too much attention is given to EasyOS’ USB stick booting functionality, which was introduced in version 30. This feature allows users to store audio, video, and Bluetooth configs per hardware profile so they can startup using the same audio/video profiles on the same computer by storing it with the internal configuration of the computer’s DVD drive or USB stick.

There’s also a brand new feature that lets you watch all of your best videos again! This is the new ‘Fix broken Video’ option in the boot menu. Apart from this, Chrome is now available as an SFS file. You can click on the SFSget icon on your desktop to get it. This version of Chrome runs within a container, which ensures better security.

If you are interested in reading more about the release, please check out the official announcement.

EasyOS 3.1

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