5 Best Practices for Increasing Push Notification Subscribers

Push notifications play an essential role in any successful mobile app marketing strategy. They may assist you in increasing engagement, decreasing churn, and converting inactive users into regular clients. One of the benefits of iOS push notifications is that they don’t require users to provide any contact information. CTRs are twice as high as email open rates. Furthermore, they do not get caught in spam filters, and they are simple to set up. To begin working on this channel, you must first select a push notification provider and then subscribe your app users to push notifications.

It is crucial to quickly understand why it is important for you to increase push notification subscribers before moving on to the 5 tactics to boost push notification subscribers. So, let’s begin!

Why do you Need to Increase Push Notification Subscribers?

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Increased push opt-ins result in benefits for your app. Failure to obtain user opt-in at an early touchpoint or losing subscribers over time might influence your app’s engagement and retention numbers.

When you lose subscribers, you lose a direct communication route that can serve many purposes throughout the user lifecycle.

If you have not considered the benefit of building your subscriber list, here are reasons why you should do so.

1. Improve the App Experience

Push notifications, as opposed to more traditional communication channels such as email, are viewed more rapidly and allow users to return to your app with fewer clicks. Subscribing users to push enables a smooth re-engagement method for your app.

2. Use a Real-Time Channel

Push notifications are received in the foreground and can convey real-time updates, transactional messages, reminders, and other information. Non-subscribed users will miss out on all of this vital information.

So, What’s the best way to increase push notification subscribers?

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The most effective tactic is to highlight the benefits of opting in and outline the context of the notifications you will be sending. Personalization, segmentation, and experimentation are the principal strategies that will aid in this. Let’s examine them more closely.

1. Make your Pre-permission Screens Unique and Personalized

Let’s think about the iOS case, you can experiment with your pre-permission screens to increase your subscription count even though you can not change the get-permission screen. Use a single in-app message with a compelling value proposition or create a funnel. 

Moreover, write different messages for different segments. You can build 4 types of segments depending on your objectives such as behavioral, geographic, demographic, and social. 

Relatively simple personalization can boost your push CTR by 9%, did you know that? So, make it clear to your users that you value and know them.

2. Create a Referral within your Welcome Push Notifications

Your income and other important product metrics directly depend on the first screens users see when they first open your app. So, you can send a welcome push notification to visitors when they sign up for your iOS push notifications. By providing these new subscribers with referral links, you can profit from this opportunity.

While it won’t enhance your subscriber count right away, a referral can ensure that your current subscribers drive more new users to your app and raise your chances of getting a push notification subscriber.

3. Make Use of Special Offers

Everyone enjoys sales and special offers. That time is profitable for all online businesses. Even if users choose not to purchase your products or services right away, you can still gather their interest by requesting that they sign up for price alerts. It works particularly effectively with non-essential products like airline tickets, hotel reservations, leisure apps, financial products, and business-related items. You can develop a unique cross-channel workflow just for this group of people that responded to your offer to turn them into clients.

4. Offer Incentives

Offering incentives is a tried-and-true marketing strategy that gives users another motivation to opt-in as well as another reason to use your app again. A few examples of incentives you might provide include a discount on a user’s subsequent purchase in your eCommerce app or an extension of their free trial through your learning app.

Your users will start developing brand loyalty and having a more positive experience with your app when they receive an added incentive.

5. Do Not Hurry. Wait till the Right Time. 

Many app publishers display a subscription offer as soon as users log in to the app. The practice has shown that the ‘high intent’ period is the ideal time to request users’ consent: ‌

  • Users visit particular pages or items, 
  • take particular actions, 
  • buy things, 
  • respond to offers for special deals, and 
  • come from reliable traffic sources;


This is how you can increase iOS push notification subscribers. So, follow the above-mentioned tactics. Moreover, do not forget to visit WonderPush as this push notifications provider lets you segment your user list, customize the headline and body content, and schedule the delivery of push notifications.


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