How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

Everyone who has labored with MS Access is aware of that it is an brilliant database management device. It is easy to use and tremendous for small corporations. However, if you try to get admission to a database that is corrupt, you’ll be hit with an mistakes message. This happens when the MS Access database becomes corrupt. This article will help you how you can easily repair corrupt MS Access Database.

Most of the time, we are working on the MS Access Database which works pretty well but sometimes it crashes due to its corrupt database. Do you know how to repair the corrupt MS Access Database? If No, then we are going to discuss here the best methods to repair the corrupt MS Access Database.

Why does MS Access Database gets corrupted?

There are a few reasons why an Access database might become corrupted. One opportunity is that the file is damaged or corrupted at the disk. This can show up if the disk is damaged or if the record become no longer properly closed. Another possibility is that the Access database is corrupt in the memory. This can happen if there is a problem with the Access database driver or if there is a problem with the computer’s memory. You can also check our previous article about how to fix corrupted SD Card.

How to repair MS Access Database? Best Possible Ways

There are a few different ways that you can repair a corrupt MS Access database. One way is to use the built-in Access Database Repair tool. This device may be determined within the Access Database Tools menu. Another way is to export the information from the Access database into a new database. This can be carried out via the usage of the Export command within the Database Tools menu. Finally, you can use a third-birthday party database repair device to restore the database. The easy-to-use and best MS Access Database recovery tool that we are going to use for this purpose is “Stellar repair for Access“.

What is Stellar Repair for Access?

If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted solution to repair your MS Access database and recover its objects, Stellar Repair for Access is your best bet. Stellar Repair for MS Access is a powerful software that can repair damaged or corrupted MS Access databases. It can recover all database objects including tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules. The software can also repair damaged or corrupted Access files that are not opening due to any reason.

A few highlighted features are as follows:

  • Repairs corrupt .ACCDB and .MDB files
  • Repairs split database
  • Previews and repairs tables, macros, modules, and deleted records.

Features of Stellar Recovery for Access

Stellar Repair for Access is powerful database recovery software that can recover corrupted MS Access files. It has many features some of which have listed below:

  • Repairs MDB and ACCDB Files
  • Repairs All Database Objects
  • Repairs Split Database
  • Recovers Deleted Records from Access Database
  • Previews the Database Objects
  • Fixes All Types of Access Database Corruption
  • Repairs Password Protected Forms and Modules
  • Recovers Non-English Language Data
  • Stellar Repair for Access – Technician Version
  • Selective Recovery of Database Objects

What type of Errors can be fixed with Stellar Recovery?

There are a number of exclusive kinds of mistakes that may be constant with Stellar Repair for Access. These encompass record system mistakes, registry errors, and boot errors. File gadget errors can save you your computer from being able to get entry to documents or folders. Registry mistakes can motive your pc to run slowly or produce other stability issues. Boot mistakes can prevent your pc from being capable of start up well. Below are highlighted errors that can be fixed without difficulty through using this device:

  • Compact and Repair Database Utility Has Failed?
  • Access Database Is in Inconsistent State?
  • Facing Unrecognized Database Error?

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How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

In order to repair your MS Access Database, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Stellar Recovery for Access software and open it.

Step 2: From the main interface, click on ‘Browse‘ or ‘Find‘ corrupt Access database files.

How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

Step 3: Ensure that the corrupt database file is selected and click ‘Repair‘.

How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

Step 4: The repair process will take some time.

Step 5: As soon as the ‘Repair Complete‘ message box appears, click ‘OK‘.

How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

Step 6: Click “Save Database” after previewing & selecting the objects you want to restore.

How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

Step 7: Click ‘OK‘ after selecting the location where the database should be saved.

How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

Step 8: A confirmation message shows that the ‘repaired file has been saved at the desired location‘.

How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?

How to prevent MS Access Database from getting corrupted?

There are some things you may do to help save you your MS Access database from becoming corrupted. First, ensure that you have a backup of the database. This manner, if the database does emerge as corrupted, you will have a duplicate to restore from.

Second, compact and restore the database often. This helps to keep the database file length small and may help to prevent corruption.

Finally, make sure which you have the brand new carrier % and updates set up for MS Access. This will assist to ensure that the software program is up to date and less probably to revel in problems.

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The Microsoft Access database record (.MDB) is one of the maximum typically used database record kinds. It is a totally handy layout to paintings with, in particular for people with little or no expertise of database control structures. However, the simplicity of this record type does not imply that it’s no longer capable of being damaged. Damaged documents are not simplest worrying, but in some instances, they can positioned your facts at danger, that is why many humans are interested by the query, “How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database?”.


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